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I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed yesterday, and I spent the rest of that day drooling blood, feeling a shitty throbbing pain and generally feeling sorry for myself.

I haven't really stopped bleeding yet.   I can't believe it.  I badly want to get back into things – exercising, eating hot and solid food again.  The doctor told me to not do those things on the day of the surgery since they increases blood pressure and impedes blood clotting, so since it obviously hasn't completely clotted, I'm so apprehensive to do anything that might jeopardize the process even if it's completely sucking right now.  I suppose the sooner I can get this done and over with, the sooner I can get back into doing the things I really want and not have to worry about the clots not forming properly or whatever.

The doctor recommended that I eat ice cream, because apparently the coldness is good for restricting blood flow. Unbelievable, isn't it?  This is something that sounds fantastic in theory, but trust me, even the hyperpalatability of ice cream cannot make up the torture of a monotonous diet.  As I don't tolerate dairy very well, I don't wish to eat anymore of it than is absolutely necessary, which unfortunately is more frequent than I'd dared hope; I was prescribed a cocktail of medication – painkillers, antibiotics, anti-swelling – all of which are to be taken up to three times a day along with or after food.


Oh well, at least it's for the best.  That tooth was bothering me for quite a long time.


On the other note, I've been making art on my iPad.  At first it felt rather clumsy and I felt so apprehensive with it, because using a stylus is nothing like using a wacom pen.  Also, there is no pressure sensitivity (I know that styluses with rudimentary pressure sensitivity exists but they're sooo expensive..), which throws a massive curveball to the already formidable learning curve.  So, making art on iPad isn't a continuation of making digital art on the computer but it feels like using a whole new different medium.

The reward for the perseverance is worth it, though, in my opinion.  I can see visible improvement with each drawing I crank out.

In chronological order:

Khalil Gibran  (using ArtRage app)

Orange Jellyfish Sky (using Sketchbook Pro)

Reading (using Procreate)

my favourite so far as you can see is Procreate.  It's very fast and the interface is very simple and intuitive.  I also like the way their blending mode works.

That's not including the scribblings and really early sketches which I think are too crappy to show :P.  I'll definitely finish the last two in Photoshop when I have time.

I'd also like to say that no matter how advanced or intuitive the apps are or how convenient it is to make digital art & sketches on the go with iPad, it will definitely never replace the physical sketchbook and whatever medium you choose to use with it :).


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I'm an freelance digital illustrator. Since I was young, I've always had a bit of an overactive imagination and would spend most of my free time drawing or doodling. Even then, I knew that all I wanted to be was an 'artist', and took a headlong dive approach to it. In fact, the walls in my parents' first home where we first lived was covered in so much in my scribbles that there was hardly any white bits left as far as my little arms could reach! I think that at that time, I found pieces of paper too small and 'limiting', and felt that it restricted my need to be FREE and creative! I can only imagine how embarrassed my parents must have felt when they received visitors. Soon enough (though I'm sure not for my parents!), I started to learn to draw and paint with different traditional mediums, including watercolours, gouache, oils, pastels and acrylics. I switched to digital completely in 2005 until earlier this year, when I decided to expand my repertoire and I'm now rediscovering traditional mediums.

I specialize in character and creature designs and concept art. I also immensely enjoy working in the pin-up, fantasy and children's books illustration genre. My default style is semi-realism and realism, though I am also proficient in producing cartoon and stylized illustrations. I am, however, thrilled to take on the challenges of new genres and disciplines relating to 2D graphic arts!

I create because I have so many vivid images in my head and they would flash and flash in my mind until I get them out, and also to visualize the network of concepts and stories in my head. My greatest reward comes when I know that through my works, I have connected to my audience in some ways, by having an impact on them either visually or emotionally or both.

Visit my blog for more stuff, stuff that I probably will never upload here.

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really love your art! its fantastic :D

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OMG you love KRRISH TOO!! :3
Also awesome work!
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You have an AWESOME gallery, you're so skilled... congratulations!
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Your work is so breathtaking and such an inspiration.<3 I love your work so much, i just became a fan. 8D Amazing work, your so talented.[: I was wondering are you accepting any requests from other people? <3 [:
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Hey, you have been featured in my bloody news [link] :horns:
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thanks for collecting my picture of Apollo!
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hello crazy rabbit lady, i saw your nickname & deviantart link through Pixelbrush. WOW, look at your DA page, that is AWESOME! i'm going to place an add before i even check out your work, it looks amazing already, hope to see you round =)
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What the world????
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I never get tired of finding awesome artists.
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Hello! Can you send me your commission rates for RPG publications? We are an Indy group, publishing with the creator-owned philosophy in mind (you will retain all rights to your work).

Please send to:
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Beautiful work.
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Your work is amazing!

It's totally inspirational.
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Kay-sis! I have a new account, so I'm rewatching my old peeps!

-- Nadia
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Kay what's going on? Haven't talked to you in a minute :( Hope all is well with you.
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great music taste!!!:)
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OMG she's KOREAN! hehhehe.. lol.. sorry..i'm soo dorky.. finally a band.. I could relate too.. lol.. j./k...
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[link] check it out a female asian metal singer!
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